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Haemorrhoids are a pretty annoying condition to have.  Having suffered with them in the past, I am thankful to say that I managed to get rid of them.

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So how do you fix this or at least keep it all under control?

Let me begin by saying that if  you are not better in a week and you have not been seen by your GP, it might be a good idea to make sure that what you have is indeed haemorrhoids or piles – So yeah, go see your GP.

There are numerous ways to treat piles and from this page there will be links to the various medication available for sale that will help you control your discomfort.

Haemorrhoid Treatment can be broken down into

    • Local Anaesthetics – These can be creams, ointments, or sprays.  The active ingredient ends in ‘caine’.  (Not always true but mostly true.)  They numb the irritated area.
    • Skin protectors – Theses products surprisingly enough protect the skin.  Why does your skin need protecting, you might ask?  Well, as the area where your haemorrhoids reside is also the area where you do a number 2, the remnants after wiping clean could cause irritation and itching – hence the advice on washing the area.   These products form a barrier on the skin surface reducing irritation and preventing too much moisture loss.
    • AstringentsThese include items such as zinc oxide or witch hazel.  They are included in order that they might help repair broken skin because they work by shrinking or constricting the skin.  this prevents further bleeding and helps the skin to heal.

    • Topical steroidsI must admit I have found these to be most effective personally but that is just my opinion.  The only thing with them is they are not licensed for use for more than 7 days.  So my advice would be to see your GP about it so you know if you can use them safely.  The steroid works well at reducing inflammation and swelling therefore relieving your pain and itchiness.

    • Counter irritantsThese include things like menthol which is sometimes included to distract your nerve endings from acknowledging pain and irritation.  This is by cooling your bum area.

    • Alternative therapies – Although no scientific evidence that I am aware of at the moment, a lot of people swear by this.  It is thought to help with healing and the repair of your bits.

    • Antiseptics are contained in a lot of the products used to heal haemorrhoids, even in medicated toilet tissue. This helps other medicines to penetrate the skin and provide their healing.

    • LaxativesThese can also be used if you are suffering from constipation as well.  Something like Senna is great to get things moving quickly and then it really is best to up your fibre as stated here, and drink more fluids.  You do not want your bowels to stop doing what they should, do you?!


Now the way this works is that I will provide you with reviews on all the different products I can find for each of the classes listed so all you need to do is either click on the categories by the side of this page or each of the names (1-8) above.  That should link you to items in that class.

If however, you would like to find out more about your condition then have a look at

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Excellent, let’s get your haemorrhoid discomfort sorted!